Who are we, or better yet what are we?

Open Source Cafe will be an ongoing project for web design and web layout. It's more for personal preference, but you may learn a thing or two as well as we move forward. You'll find a Navigation button located on the top of the page, if you will kindly visit that page it will show you how to find everything that is tucked away in this domain. Being as this is a personally hosted server, I will be using free applications to tie this webspace together.

About Open Source Cafe:

Why Open Source Cafe? At first I thought the same thing, but as I realized the love I have for web communities and the ways they have changed information exchange over the years, I have grown to cherish and love this tradition. Now the name may be misleading, but it pictates perfectly what this site entails, a love for giving and exchanging information openly and freely. Sorry no coffee :(, but feel free to supply your own!


Visit Our forums for walkthroughs, questions, comments, or solutions to problems. You can also use our forums if you are interested in other forms of programming, other than webdesign! Just make sure you post in the correct section!


For support please contact us at: here!